The focus of our organization is to help people who are less fortunate than you and I. This includes the terminally ill and individuals who are physically, mentally or developmentally challenged. By giving them the opportunity to interact with dolphins in a natural environment we help them overcome their weaknesses by focusing and further developing their strengths.

We are trying to bring the world community of dolphin organizations together to benefit the world.

Many individuals worldwide believe in our cause.  Here is a brief list: Royalty such as Queen Elizabeth of England and King Hussein of Jordan.  Writers such as Stephen King and Arthur C. Clarke.  Musicians B.B. King and the Beach Boys.   Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Meg Ryan. Religious icons Archbishop Desmond TuTu and Robert Schuller.  Support from political figures like John Glenn and Margaret Thatcher. And orginizations like Planet Hollywood and The Dallas Cowboys.  We are blessed with the support of such individuals and organizations and would be honored if you would also join us in supporting our cause to raise the necessary funds to help all those in need.  Together we can make DolphinAssisted Therapy available to those who can benefit from it.

For many years we have witnessed the miracle of Dolphin Assisted Therapy in action.  We met with the families, trainers, and individuals wo are involved in these programs.  There is never a guarantee of success.  But even a small ray of hope can be multiplied into a brighter and happier future.

With alternative forms of healing on the rise, dolphin assisted therapy is becoming a more recognized form of healing. We are  The Dolphin Touch, a non-profit organization formed to help fund transportation, therapy sessions, food, lodging, etc. to families who want to receive therapy for special needs individuals. Many of these families cannot afford to travel across the nation or around the world to receive such help. We want to increase their opportunities to help these individuals feel successful and lead a life of true enrichment.

With your tax-deductable donation we will be able to offer those in need a chance and a sense of belonging.  Remember, individually we can make a difference, and together, we can move mountains.

Please help us ease the pain and suffering of the world.

Again I thank you, all of you for everything you are doing to help us help the people of the world.

Thank You,
Mike Barr

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The Dolphin Touch, PO Box 10150, Columbus,Ohio 43201
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