Artist's Statement

From an early age John knew he was destined to be an artist. At age 4, his mother said John drew the bucket full of soap bubbles that she was using to scrub the kitchen floor.

Having no formal art training until after high school, John's ability to draw came naturally. When he added color to his drawings he fell in love. When he began to paint he was even more excited.

I have known John to say, "I think all artists begin with realism. I did, and some stick with it throughout their careers. I like my work to be recognizable, for sure...but at the same time be loose and full of color. I seek the essence, the mood, the likeness and I love to step up the color and at times simply change what I see with the challenge to make it work. "

John loves color. The more colors he is able to use in a painting the more excited he gets.

John started oil painting when he was 14. Upon graduating from high school in 1969, he received a one year scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design and majored in Industrial Design. After spending 2 1/2 years at CCAD, he decided that he made a mistake choosing his major and chose to take some time off. He went to work for the Ohio Department of Transportation. John likes to say, his sabbatical lasted for 29 years. His work there was unrelated to art. But that didn't keep John from producing art during this time.

Now retired from ODOT, John spends his time painting and drawing. He belongs to a group of four painters, called the "Escape Artists" and they paint together on a regular basis throughout Ohio during the warm months. He is active in local art leagues and participates in judged league exhibitions. He has received numerous awards. He also shows and sells his work in arts festivals over the summer months.

John likes being versatile in life as in his art, so his subject matter has always been left open as a surprise to his audience as well as himself.