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Amateur Radio Society

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Ham Radio Nets

The Trestle Board Net

Originating in Cleveland Ohio, the net meets Sunday evenings on 28.495 MHz at 2030 (8:30 pm) E.S.T and Tuesdays on the 146.73 MHz repeater at 2100 (9:00 pm) E.S.T.

Ohio Masonic Fellowship Net.

Check in every Sunday at 2130 (9:30 pm)E.S.T on 3.865 MHz, and enjoy the fellowship of Hirams Hams! Net Control is
WB R. L. "Dick" Blaney, WB8MHE in Circleville, OH.

20 Meter Masonic Fellowship Net.

Check in Mon. - Fri. on 14.328 MHz at 1100 (11:00 am) E.S.T. Prenet at 1030 (10:30). Net Controls are Brothers: Bill, KB0ZNE; Lee, WA6VYQ; Paul, KK7RR and Paul, W8USH.

Michigan Masonic Fellowship Net

Every Sunday afternoon at 1400 (2:00 pm)E.S.T. on 7.233 Mhz
Net control is WB John, W8AT in Marquette, Mi.

Hirams Hams are Masons who are also hams. Membership is free and open to any Mason who is a licensed ham, however a donation is requested to cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter. To become a member of Hirams hams, please send the following information via e-mail to nk7w@arrl.net

Name, Masonic affiliation, E-mail address, Snail mail address, Call sign, License class,

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