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Period jewelry from 1800-1940.

Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Retro fine and costume jewelry.

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This is a fabulous angel skin coral necklace!
necor. Measuring 15" long, this 1950's double strand coral necklace is beautiful and the color of angel skin. It is is in excellent condition and fastened by a heavy 14k 3/4" catch,and guard.  Price is $395.00 including shipping US.
Scrumptious and original deco!
14kear. At some time back in the 1920's, a true artisan sat at his work bench and with deep, respecting love for the material and form these earrings were crafted.  The beadwork around the diamonds is excellent and in 14k white gold. The total weight of the diamonds is .25carat. H color and SI1 clarity. There is a 1/2" European closure with a 3/4" drop.  Marked and signed by the maker(I can't read the mark)they are in excellent condition. They come with a $900.00 appraisal. Price is $750.00 including shipping in the US.
True Deco
Plat pen.  Circa 1920's Art Deco Period describes this Platinum Pendant. It contains 15 points of diamonds of H color and SI1 clariity. The chain measures 16" with a 1-1/4"e;drop.nbsp;nbsp;The clasp is marked Prima Platin dbl and has a charming decoration"clasp".Excellent condition and comes with a $900.00 appraisal. Price is: $750.00  including shipping in the US.
Classic Art Deco Design!
Plat Brac. Created in the 1920's, this filagree bracelet has a platinum top with a 14k bottom. The diamond weight is shy of a third. Color is H and clarity SI1. It comes with a $1,250.00 appraisal.  The bracelet measures 6-1/2" by 3/16" Shown here on a display. The detail of this bracelet is amazing as you will see on this close upIt is in excellent condition.  Price is $925.00and includes shipping in the US.
gaze at the 10 tiny emeralds!
Plat pin; What a great find!  This Platinum, diamond and emerald pin came from the home a local actress and dancer. This piece along with the other deco pieces above on this page were found in her home. This wonderful jewelrly makes your imagination run wild.   The pin measures 1-3/4"by 1/2"  Diamond weight is .40 carats. One side diamond has a tiny chip on the girdle. Color is H-I and clarity is SI2. There is .25 carats of emeralds. The pin comes with a $1,500.00 appraisal. &npsb;Price is $895.00 and includes shipping in the US.
Circa the 1920's, this is a delicate 14k white gold open work bracelet!
14k brac.  This 1920's open work 14k white gold bracelet is just beautiful! It is in excellent condition and a vintage and style that is really hard to find. The bracelet measures 6-3/4" by 1/4".  Price is $350.00 including shipping in the US.
manage a trois anyone?!
18k cam. This is a very rare cameo. I have never had a cameo with a male and two females. Let alone with their arms wrapped around one another looking so peaceful and happy! The filagree work is also amazing as well as thehigh relief of the cameo that measures over 1/4"  . The condition of the filagree is excellent and there is some age fissures on the cameo to the upper right of the first females head. You cannot see them when wearing the pin and usually only if you hold it up to the light. However, I tried to show it in the picture. This condition is reflected in the price even though the overall condition is more than ninety five percent. It is totally wearable and a keepsake for the collector!    Price is $495.00 including shipping in the US.
perfect condition describes this lady!
cambow. Here is another rare cameo in 14K gold. The bow in her hair is quite unusual. The carving excellent!Measuring 2-1/8" by 1-9/16", all is intact and in excellent condtion. It can be worn as a pendant as well as a brooch.    Price is:  $395.00 incluiding shipping in the US.
do you wanna dance?!
cam lrg. Whew this is old. This cameo is extra large and fine. It is set in 9carat gold and probably of English Origin. It is from the Victorian Era dating to around 1860 to 1880. There has been some changes made to the clasp on the hinge side. There are other marks on the back to show age and some repair. It does not detract from the cameo. There is also some age fissures to the upper left of the first grace. It is mild but there. It is not visible unless held up to the light.   The cameo measures 3" by 2-3/4"  Price is:  $495.00 including shipping US.
an angel of a fighter!
warcam. This is a stunning cameo of pink shell. Intricately carved with a completely unusual 14k frame it is in excellent condition. This cameo measures 2-1/4" by 1-3/4", This is quite a piece of antique jewelry dating from the early 1900's.  Price is:  $495.00 including shipping in the US.
What a superbly designed diamond and emerald brooch from the Napoleon III era!
eb2203. This striking piece was fabricated in 18k gold enhanced with black enamel tracings.  Eight rose cut diamonds of superior quality complement the natural, table cut RARE PERFECT COLORED Brazilian emerald, while a ninth diamond twinkles from an ornamental drop at the bottom.  Bearing French hallmarks, this brooch is in very good condition although there is a very small amount of damage (have to look hard to find it) to the enameling at either side near the bottom of the main piece and, as there is a small circlet to either side of the drop, possibly at one time there were additional ornaments for this piece. This brooch comes with a $6,500 full color appraisal.  Price is:  $2,500.00  and includes shipping in the US.
Featuring a light hearted little lady-wonderful!
fairycam.  It must be truly evident from the picture that this is a fantastic 14k cameo. She has wings. How wonderful is that? There must be a legend out there somewhere about fairies. I personally can only think of tinkerbell. Seriously, all kidding aside. Fairies have always been a popular topic in our culture as well as in our jewelry. This on happens to be in excellent condition. It can be worn as a pin or a pendant and comes with the chain that was on it when it came out of the estate.  She measures 1-3/4"by 1-1/4" and has a 23" 14K chain attached.  Price is $350.00 including shipping in the US.
Gracious, this is just the most fabulous bejeweled Buddha!
jp2251.  This (1820 to 1850) Austro-Hungarian carved rose quartz Buddha is the most amazing museum piece!  Covered with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, garnets and pearls (more than 17 rubies, 10 sapphires, 3 emeralds and over 50 pearls in just the very top!), in an ornamented silver guilt back.  This smiling Buddha with his red enameled, pearl banded turban sits in a temple fronted by robin's-egg-blue enameled columns that are entwined by gold snakes, and guarded by two fierce gold dragons bannered in swirls of rubies and sapphires, resting on emeralds of course!

Someone I had known for years came to all the antique shows, and would tell me about this amazing Buddha that he had swinging from his car's rear view mirror!  After talking about it to many antique dealers, he decided it might be valuable and shouldn't hang inside his car.  When he passed away, his partner called me to appraise the estate and a year later, I bought this piece.  Condition:  there is some damage, because this is a very old piece.  The gilt is wearing, the dependent 6-pointed garnet star is obviously from a later era, and there is evidence of repair on the back.  Overall, this rare piece -- which measures 5" by 2-1/4" -- is in very good condition for its age with amazing gems and a wonderful, happy Buddha.  Price is:  SOLD -- thank you!!

Pietra dura brooch, earrings and ring from the early 1900's.
79Apiet.  This is a great, 4-piece set of pietra dura (hard stone) jewelry dating from around 1905.  Bought from a lovely 83-year old woman who's scaling down into assisted living.  Framed in chased, hand-pierced silver.  Brooch measures 1-3/4" by 1-1/2" while the screw-back earrings are 1" by 3/4".  The ring is a size 7-1/2 to 8, with a table of 1-1/8" by 7/8".  Excellent condition.  Price for all pieces is: $725.00.  The ring SOLD -- thank you!!. The brooch and earrings:  $350.00.  Prices include shipping in the US.
Five sparkling diamonds rainbow light from the platinum lacework centered on this gold cuff bracelet.
cb2204.  This handsome cuff bracelet will happily accent your office attire and then, easily accompany you out for a gala evening!  The 1" wide bracelet has both a guard chain and a locking clasp in addition to the secure catch on the cuff.  Clearly treasured by its prior owner (whose name is neatly engraved inside the band), this cuff will fit up to a 7-1/4" wrist and provide a lot of visual pleasure.  In superb condition.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
This sterling silver chain and cameo slide is from The Gay 90's.
sc2231.  Dating from the 1890's, the only thing this piece needs is a bit of new corking to better hold the cameo slide where you'd place it on its chain.  The bezel set cameo piece measures 1-1/8"/ by 7/8".  Stamped sterling, there isn't a kink or flaw in the chain or the cameo and mount.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
A little sterling silver posey holder by Unger Brothers.
339ub.  A signed Unger Brothers piece, this little Posey Holder or nosegay dates from the Art Nouveau years (1890's-1905).  Of sterling silver, this little holder could prettily contain a couple of Spring flowers for M'lady to carry gracefully.  In good condition, a cloth tape measure notes this piece is 2-1/4" from top to the end of the curl, and the latch is 1" long.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
What a totally classic profile on this cameo!
hb2256. This heavy brooch is a very well crafted hardstone cameo set in 18K gold with a black "greek key" enameled design around the frame.  Measuring 1-3/4" by 2-1/4", the relief is over 1/2".  This rare hardstone cameo is in very good condition, with very little chipping of the black enameling.   SOLD -- thank you!!.
This poured glass French pin is breathtaking!
g-p2247.  I love stained glass windows -- the play of light through shimmering colours is mesmerizing to me.  And this poured glass pin, scintillated by a few rhinestones, is such a jewel.  While not signed, this brooch is from France (with its old trombone catch) and could very well have been designed by Chanel. In very good condition, as you can see.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
This is a huge diamond brooch dating from the end of the 19th century.
db2201.  This is a magnificent and huge (3" by 2") diamond brooch or bodice ornament dating from the time of Napoleon III containing approximately 4 carats total weight.  Talk about a show stopping piece of jewelry!  These old European cut and rose cut diamonds are set in closed silver, mounted in 18k gold.  (This was the practice from ancient times until the end of the 19th century, when platinum and plated white gold replaced the use of silver).  That pear shaped diamond alone is a 1 carat stone!  SOLD -- thank you!!.
Oooh! 23 skidoo!  This necklace is just the bee's knees and harks back to The Roaring Twenties!!
gn2224.  Hallmarked (on the jump) ring, this silver links and green glass necklace from France just screams of Deco and flappers and the Charleston!   An original "Y" necklace, this find is 24" in length, with a poseable 3" centerpiece and it's in very good condition.  Price is: $250.00  including shipping in the US.
Beautiful rectangular sterling silver and amethyst pin.
720A a&c.  Arts and Crafts Hand Bent Silver and Amethyst Brooch.  4" long and 1-1/2" wide.  Hand chiseled and etched.  Engraved, with the numbers "1105" on the back.  No other marks.  Stunning piece.  Excellent condition.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
Classic and highly collectible Wedgewood jasper ware brooch and earrings.
630weg.  This charming, 3-piece Wedgewood jasper ware set dates from the 1950's and is in excellent condition.  Signed, and wreathed in sterling silver, the 2" by 1-1/2" brooch sports cherubs playing in a garden while the 1" by 5/8" screw-back earrings show more thoughtful damsels.  Price for the set is: SOLD -- thank you!!.
Gold over silver mesh and coral cabochons, wow!
sb2226.  Dating from the 1920's this 7-strand mesh linked bracelet wonderfully showcases the coral) cabochons -- 22 pieces in the center panel and 12 in the end-clasp.   While there are a couple of small kinks in a few strands of the mesh, overall this bracelet is in very good condition and as you can see, the coral is set quite well.   7" in length, the catch measures 1-1/4" by 1" while the centerpiece is 1-3/4" by 1-1/2".   Not signed, though there are the marks "9444 RRXX" on the clasp.   SOLD -- thank you!!.
There are 51 diamonds in this curious necklace.
dn2232.  18K gold enrobes the approximately 3 carats of diamonds in this intriguing native piece.  39 little pearls fringe) the lower edge of this design which has (if you'd look at the edge of it) a slight curve in profile.  The back of this treasure is just as lovely and colorful!  While held by green silken cords finished by a tassel, you could fix it to a chain if desired.  The diamond encrusted centerpiece measures 2-1/2" by 1-1/4".  SOLD -- thank you!!
Carved white bone cross with a peep hole showing you a picture inside!
723Bhope.  A carved bone Stanhope Cross with a picture -- inside the cross -- of the Chapel at San Miguel in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  For those of you who don't know about Stanhope, they're items with a small peep hole that you look through and find a picture inside.  Named after the gentleman named Stanhope who invented this technique.  1-1/2" high with a loupe for chain to wear as a pendant if you'd prefer, or wear it on a bracelet for your viewing ease!  These pictures show you both sides of the cross at once; note, one side has a dark spot in the bone.  Price is:  SOLD -- thank you!!
Lush garnets encrust this bracelet and they are so beautiful!
gb2207.  Oh, the colours of red that shimmer through these garnets are a pure rhapsody!  Measuring 6-5/16" long, the center piece is 1-1/2" wide, these garnets are carried in a vermeil band that rests well on your wrist.  In excellent condition.  SOLD -- thank you!!
This is a very pleasingly designed antique Scottish brooch of sterling silver and malachite.
738mal.  Scottish brooch of malachite and sterling silver, in great condition with no visible repairs for such an old piece (circa 1860's).  The malachite has wonderful layers of deep and light greens.  It's a heavy pin, with an intricately carved design; 2" by 1-1/16". You may choose to clean it.  Price is:  $275.00  and includes shipping in the US.
Truly handsome antique Scottish brooch embellished with pieces of blue agate.
112scot.  This really beautiful 1-3/4" Scottish brooch is most unusual, with a 1-3/8" Star of David at its center.  In great condition, with superb detailing and chasing on the sterling silver portions; the colorful agates include banded, jasper, and bloodstone.  The pin extends beyond the brooch to secure a tartan.  There is a very fine line in the blue agate at the bottom of the Star.  This is a fabulous piece from the 1860's; price is:  SOLD -- thank you!!.
The cutest little good luck charm of carved ivory.
745Abilli.  Adorable and old Ivory Engraved.  This guy has to bring good luck. Just looking at him makes you happy!  Needs chain to be worn.  Great condition; ivory shows it's age.  Price is:  SOLD -- thank you!!.
Ah, what a wonderful cameo -- encircled by rosey garnets!
cb2255. This fabulous 2-3/4" by 2-1/8" cameo is so wonderfully detailed!  Carved in the early 1800's, it is set in a 14k gold frame that is of a later time (perhaps the 1840's or '50s).  In superb condition, wreathed by 30 bezel-set cabochon garnets, this piece can be worn as a brooch or pendant.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
A sterling silver napkin ring by Unger Brothers, from the late 1800's.
723ub.  This is a napkin ring. True art nouveau, circa 1890's to 1905, this sterling silver piece is clearly signed by Unger Brothers and depicts "the kiss." A cloth tape measure held around the inside shows a 5-1/2" perimeter while the monogrammed center panel is 13/16" in width.  Price is:  SOLD -- thank you!!.
What a handsome and beautifully carved lava bracelet!
lb2205.  Jacketed in 14k gold, the seven pieces of hand-carved lava that make up this bracelet are unique and fascinating.  Measuring 7-3/4" long, each oval sculpture is 7/8" by 3/4" linked in a wonderful play of earthen tones.  This bracelet is in excellent condition and will be a piece of artistry you will enjoy! SOLD -- thank you!!.
Oh, what a diamon-licious line bracelet, accented with sapphires!
db2228.  Talk about fantastic, this bracelet is it!!  There are eighteen filigree panels -- 10 sparkle with diamonds while 3 panels gleam with deep blue sapphires.  In 14K white gold, with both a guard chain and under guard clasp, you can enjoy this bracelet knowing it will not accidentally slip off your wrist.  Measuring 6-3/4" long, each lacey panel is 1-1/8" by 3/4".   This bracelet is in excellent condition although one sapphire has a small chip that can only be seen with a 10x loupe.  SOLD -- thank you!!
Aah, this garnet bracelet is sheer poetry!
gb2227.  There are over 200 prong-set, faceted garnets in this 6-3/8" by 1/2" bracelet!  Dating from the early 1900's, this bangle is vermeil and the rich, deep red, lush ruby garnets are so lovely.  In very good condition, the price for this delight is:  SOLD -- thank you!!.

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