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Bakelite, plastics, wood, patriotic, sweetheart and other fun jewelry.

Bakelite and other Plastics, Wood, and Patriotic.

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p-pen.  What a great bright turquoise sterling two toneback pin shaped like a clover, dating from the 1930's or '40's!  This 3-3/4" by 2" pin is in tremendous condition. All of the stones are there and most of the rose gold wash.  Some of the rose gold wash is missing from the base of the stem. The blues are deep, while the clear rounds and baguettes are vibrant!  This is right out of an old black and white movie and so very collectible and timeless!  Price is $475.00  including shipping in the US.
The rarest pin I've ever sold!
Palette.  Picasso should have had this super artists palette pin of rich turquoise and multi colored rhinestones!  All stones are hand set and original.  With a fur clip clasp on back you'll delight in wearing this quite collectible and more than FABULOUS brooch.  The condition is excellent, all stones are present and accounted for and some have darkened. I would say it is ninety five percent perfect. It does show it's age, but gracefully.The dimensions are 4" by 2 1/2".  Price is:  $875.00  including shipping in the US.
Bakelite piggy bank pin, with a coin going to savings.
415Dpig.  Bakelite 1942 Piggy Bank Pin.  One of the best!  Two versions were made, one with a penny slot and one without.  This is a painted piece with pink flowers.  Pin back is correct and does have corrosion.  The penny is dated 1942 and could be in upside down.  This is how I got it and I'm not going to change it.  The cracks you see are dirt in the hairlines of the painted surface, not in the piece itself.  Leather ears are present, leather tail is missing.  This is a Martha Sleeper piece!  Price is:  $325.00  incl. shipping in the US.
A pin with a western flair:  styled as a fancy dress western glove atop a 10-gallon hat.
408Dle.  Leather 40's hat and glove pin.  All original and over 3" big.  Great condition but thumb is worn on glove.  Price is:  $65.00  incl. shipping in the US.
A fun, smiling beau-friend, this is a celluloid scarf pin.
405Dco.  Circa the 1940's, this scarf pin is Beau-regard, Elsie the Cow's significant other!  Guaranteed old and original.  Celluloid, with 2 sharp points to either side to hold a scarf or to be pinned on to a strap.  Great condition.  Price is:  $95.00  incl. shipping in the US.
Soft brown in color -- an attractive, flying bird pin.
452Dbrd.  Plastic Bird Pin.  The plastic is a soft brown color and has a very nice iridescent quality.  Surface detailing has been done by hand.  2-1/4" wingtip-to-wingtip; 1-1/2" tip to toe.  Excellent condition.  The clasp on the back is showing a little corrosion.  SOLD -- thank you!!
b-b2242.  Smooth and sculptural, this butterscotch Bakelite bracelet will cherish your wrist and provide you with a glow of pleasure!  Crafted in the 1940's, this bracelet will make a great accent for your summer wardrobe.  It's in excellent condition and so collectible!  SOLD -- thank you!!.
Pin of art deco era of geometric diamond and trapezoid shapes coloured black and orange.
409Cbake.  Art Deco bi-laminate bakelite pin.  Colors are black and the unusual color orange.  Guaranteed to be old and original bakelite.  This estate piece measures 3-3/4" by 2" and it's in great shape!  SOLD -- thank you!!.
Pin of a little squirrel with a fur tail sitting on a leaf, holding a bouquet.
487B.  Too funky for the real world, this fun suede and leather squirrel with a real fur tail is just fabulous!  He's sitting on a green leather leaf, holding an old bouquet of cloth flowers.  3" high and in good shape, except that his pin has corrosion on it.  SOLD -- thank you!!.
Pin -- made of pieces of colored leather -- of a parrot that looks wise!
460Bbird.  Funky, brightly colored, 4" tall leather parrot pin.  Hand stitched, with a glass eye.  This bird "talks" to ya!  Stuffed, and in great condition!  SOLD -- thank you!!.

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