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Mexican Jewelry:  Sterling Silver signed and unsigned.

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What a charming necklace -- like the sea, by Margot de Taxco!
Margot Neck.  Margot van Voorhies Carr was the designer for this great necklace -- crafted in silver in Taxco, Mexico in the 1940's.  Margot de Taxco as she is known today was looking to the past and native designs to find inspiration for her famous jewelry.She also traveled in the Orient to learn her fabulous enameling techniques as shown on this teal enameld necklace.  This necklace is signed, and in excellent condition. It measures 16-3/4" the centerpiece is 2-3/4"  Price for the necklace is $895.00 with shipping included in the US.
This silver necklace by Matilde Poulat is exceptional!
MATL.  To!  Buy!  For!!!  This necklace is just so beautiful!  close up by Matilde Poulat, it's in superb condition -- beautifully articulated, classic!It is signed with a script matl and a patente number of 10958 and a registration number of 142093.This is pure Poulat.  Although her inspiration is Pre-Columbian this necklace is timeless!  It measures 18-1/2"with a 3"drop.The clasp is over 1-1/2"   There is such a nice, weighty feel to this piece and it rests on your neck in just the right way!.shown on neckpiece  This is a perfect example of the fine workmanship done in the 50's and 60's by this fascinating woman.  Price is: on hold  including shipping in the US.
Doesn't this pin have a curious face?
s-p2238.  This wonderful old silver pin was crafted back in the 1940's and though it is signed, we can't figure out who the artisan may have been.  But it's really an interesting design -- perhaps representing Medusa?  In very good condition.  You'll find there's something about this face that just kind of grows on you; you'll put it out of your mind, but you'll find yourself thinking about it again...hummm...  SOLD  including shipping in the US.
From the 1940's, a silver bracelet designed by Aquilar!
sb2260.  The bold simplicity of this Hector Aguilar bracelet has its echoes in Pre-Columbian design.  Apprenticed under William Spratling, Aguilar opened Taller Borda, his own studio, in the 1930's and began creating his distinctive architectural jewelry.  This two dimensional silver bracelet is so beautifully crafted!  It's fascinating to see how a piece that is so elemental has such a wonderful rhythm and texture.  A signed piece with 8 interlinked panels, it measures 7-1/2" by 7/8" wide and fastens by running the post (that you see on the guard chain) through channels drilled in the bracelet ends.  SOLD
Pictures don't do justice to the deep amethyst cabs!
02sigi.  Sigi Pineda designed this necklace in the 50's. It is quite a showpiece! Weighty and 15 1/2"long. It will fit nicely on an average size or small size neck. My neck is 14" and one of the amethyst cabashon hangs down below my collar line. The second amethyst cab is supposed to hang a little higher and does. Excellent condition. The price is $475.oo including shipping in the US.
24 hand carved onyx faces decorate this necklace from the 1950's by Los Ballesteros.
s-n2234.  Created by the fabulous Los Ballesteros in heavy silver, this 15-1/2" necklace from the 1950's is simply compelling.  There's just something about the juxtaposition of onyx and silver -- the faces, so primitive and yet so commanding!  Each of the 24 panels is in superb condition, with links securely soldered.  And you will love how this necklace rests perfectly in a gentle, protecting curve around your neck!  SOLD -- thank you!!.
A magical stone is the centerpiece in this convertable Hector Aguilar original!
s-p2233.  The mysterious 5/8" stone in this convertible necklace / brooch changes in color depending on the light.  Created by the fabulous Hector Aguilar in sterling silver, the pendant is a 2" by 2" spiraling grace of simplicity yet it conveys rhythm and fluidity.  Easily, it will slip on or off the soft silver neckring so you can wear this find in many ways.  Designed in the 1940's, this set is in excellent condition!   SOLD
Sterling silver rose brooch by Margot de Taxco.
563ma.  Margot de Taxco designed this beautiful sterling silver rose.  Highly detailed, it is 2.25" in size.  Crafted in the 1940's with care, this pin is in excellent condition!   Price is: $150.00  incl. shipping in the US.
What a great art deco butterfly -- straight out of Alice in Wonderland!
s-p2237.  Doesn't this butterfly pin look like a jolly fellow!  Designed by Frederick Davis, who did much in the early 1900's to influence and encourage the development of Mexican jewelry artisans, this silver butterfly pin bubbles with brilliance.  He's in very good condition, with a nice patina and a sturdy c-clasp, and he measures 2-1/8" by 2-1/2" in size.  This highly collectible piece is:SOLD  including shipping in the US.
This is a great, heavy silver necklace with amethysts!
s-n2236.  There are 12 panels to this weighty silver necklace, and each is set with a lovely, rich purple cabochon amethyst.  An 18" circlet, you'll have a nice, solid presence with this very collectible piece.  Crafted in Taxco in the early 1920's, this necklace is an excellent condition.  Price is: $255.00  including shipping in the US.
Here's a wonderful silver bracelet by Margot de Taxco!
s-b2235.  Margot van Voorhies Carr, originally of San Francisco, moved to Taxco in the late 1930's, married Antonio Castillo, and began designing jewelry.  As Margot de Taxco, she is known for the art deco influences in her jewelry and this 7" by 1/2" silver bracelet from the late 1940's is an excellent example.  Each part of this bracelet smoothly articulates with the whole, and it all is in beautiful condition.  SOLD .

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