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Native American and jewelry from around the world.

Native American and tribal jewelry from around the world.

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Here's a tiara designed for the princess bride!
s-h2216.  This silver, hand-crafted headress is ornamented by peacocks and a light magenta rhinestone.  Myriad litle 1/2" silver chains ending in tiny silver balls fringe the bottom of this tiara and dance with every movement.  Measuring 4-3/4" from the tip of the crown to the bottom of the fringe, and 6-5/8" from edge to edge (not including the silver loops a ribbon would pass through to secure this tiara on your head) there are only a few pieces of fringe missing.  Price is:  $165.00   including shipping in the US.  (P.S. -- if you know the country of origin for this wonderful piece, please email us and let us know; thanks!)
A Zuni tie bar set with stones.
867tie.  Zuni tie bar.  Small, but mighty -- and could be useful.  1-1/2" and in great shape.   Price is:  $55.00   incl. shipping in the US.
This hand of Fatima is so beautiful!
s-h2221.  What a gift of good fortune for you or a loved one, this large silver pendant represents the hand of Fatima (who was the daughter of the prophet Muhammad).  Of thin, highly and intricately incised silver, this pendant measures 4-1/2" from the tip of the bail to the bottom, and it's 2-1/2" wide.  In very good condition except for a bit of one finger that is missing.  Price is:  $95.00   including shipping in the US.
This is a solid silver anklet from North Africa.
s-a2217.  Dating from the early 1900's, this anklet can also be worn as an arm decoration.  This is a very heavy piece of solid silver jewelry!  The incised center rectangle measures 1-1/8" by 1-1/2", while the inside tip-to-tip measurement is approximately 8-3/8" and the gap opening is 1-1/8".  This anklet could be Syrian; it is definitely an antique.  Price is:  $650.00  including shipping in the US.
Here's a wonderful, easy to wear silver necklace you'll love!
s-n2219.  A Middle Eastern treasure, this lightweight silver necklace is an old piece that dances with tinkling music in harmony with your movements.  17-1/4" long, the necklace is ornamented with a deep, ruby red bezel-set glass stone.  In excellent condition, this is a necklace you'll love wearing in summery weather!  Price is:  $150.00  including shipping in the US.
Coral beads and silver construct this hand of Fatima.
s-h2220.  Eight little coral beads accent this silver hand of Fatima.   Fascinatingly incised, the design in this silver pendant is so interesting!  In total, it measures 10" long by 1-3/8" wide.  The silver chain dangles are 5" long, and it's hallmarked in the early 20th century.  This beautiful symbol of protection is in very good condition and can be worn on a neck bar or chain.  Price is:  $145.00   including shipping in the US.
Hand crafted Navajo hollow silver beads in graduated sizes -- fabulous!
s-n2222.  WOW!  What an exceptionally beautiful Navajo hand-crafted and hand-stamped hollow silver beaded necklace, it's 28-1/4" long.  In all, there are 53 beads in this necklace with the largest, just a tad less than 5" around!  Strung on a silver chain, this necklace is a prize and it is in really nice condition.  Price is:  $460.00  including shipping in the US.
Sterling silver brooch with inlaid red stones, by Peruvian designer Laffi.
570.  By the Peruvian designer Laffi, this sterling silver piece has inlaid stones and is very dramatic!  Laffi is a highly collectible, up and coming designer of the 20th cent.  The red stones are really striking and this is a very weighty pin in excellent condition measuring 2-7/8" high by 2-3/4" wide.   Price is:   $175.00  incl. shipping in the US.
Berber coin silver necklace.
766coin.  Unusual Berber Coin Silver (tested) necklace with heavy chain and ornately designed pendant.  Necklace measures 24" and pendant is over 2-1/2".  Unusual to find these in real silver and not plate.  Circa probably 1920's.  Condition is excellent.   Price is:  $145.00  inc. shipping in the US.
Here is a beautiful pair of North African earrings!
a-e2218.  Hand-crafted, of course, this pair of earrings from North Africa is made of silver.  Each ear piece is ornamented with incised patterns in the silver, a bezel-set rectangle of dark glass and 4 red glass beads fringing the bottom.  Heavy jewelry, these are 6-5/8" c-shapes that are almost 1" in circumference!  One of the earrings has a thin split in the silver that does not harm the piece or its stability.  Price is:  $150.00  including shipping in the US.

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