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p-pen.  What a great bright turquoise sterling two toneback pin shaped like a clover, dating from the 1930's or '40's!  This 3-3/4" by 2" pin is in tremendous condition. All of the stones are there and most of the rose gold wash.  Some of the rose gold wash is missing from the base of the stem. The blues are deep, while the clear rounds and baguettes are vibrant!  This is right out of an old black and white movie and so very collectible and timeless!  Price is $475.00  including shipping in the US.
The rarest pin I've ever sold!
Palette.  Picasso should have had this super artists palette pin of rich turquoise and multi colored rhinestones!  All stones are hand set and original.  With a fur clip clasp on back you'll delight in wearing this quite collectible and more than FABULOUS brooch.  The condition is excellent, all stones are present and accounted for and some have darkened. I would say it is ninety five percent perfect. It does show it's age, but gracefully.The dimensions are 4" by 2 1/2".  Price is:  $875.00  including shipping in the US.
What a prancing, perkey poodle pin!
p-p2214.  Now, this guy can put a smile in your life!  In black plastic with painted red eyes and nose, and a handsome chain as a collar, this poodle pin from the 1940's is in really good condition.  He's 2" tall and 2-5/8" in stride, with a c-clasp pin on back to fasten him to your jacket or blouse.  Price is:  SOLD.
This poured glass French pin is breathtaking!
g-p2247.  I love stained glass windows -- the play of light through shimmering colours is mesmerizing to me.  And this poured glass pin, scintillated by a few rhinestones, is such a jewel.  While not signed, this brooch is from France (with its old trombone catch) and could very well have been designed by Chanel. In very good condition, as you can see.  Price is SOLD.
a-b2200.  What a cool, luminous blue aurora borealis necklace with green and golden amber highlights!  This 19" necklace (not counting the drop or hook at the chain ends) has matching clip-on earrings that are 1-1/2" by 1-3/4".  This set is in very good condition.  Price is:  SOLD.
b-b2242.  Smooth and sculptural, this butterscotch Bakelite bracelet will cherish your wrist and provide you with a glow of pleasure!  Crafted in the 1940's, this bracelet will make a great accent for your summer wardrobe.  It's in excellent condition and so collectible!  Price is SOLD.
466Cfrog.  Jomaz designed this glass belly frog guy.  Circa 1950's.  In blue and green enamels with clear rhinestone accents and emerald glass belly and eyes.  Excellent condition except for one minute flake off the gold wash.  You can't see it without a loupe.  2-1/4" big.  Price SOLD.
r-p2249.  If you're a teacher -- or want to gift one, or just simply love good design and hand-crafting then this glittering apple by Weiss is the treat for you!   About 1-1/4" in size, this pin can really grow on you because there's just something about the delicious reds of great rhinestones and overall shape that are compelling.  Price is:  $95.00  including shipping in the US.
b-b2241.  This is a great piece of jewelry and in very good shape for its age (of the 1940's).  Considering how it might have knocked around all these years, there's just the smallest chip or two that you have to search for to notice amongst the decorations.  But this piece is so nicely done and still a really great, collectible bracelet today!  Price SOLD.
r-e2246.  Ah, if you have a fancy dress ball, spring prom, or just plan on a wonderful evening out, then these Schreiner earrings from the 1950's are just the ticket for you!  These 3" long drops have everything -- superb stones, style and movement and, they're signed!  Price SOLD.
c-c2209.  This is a tremendous coat clip and it's an Eisenberg Original with big, rich red stones (7/8" by 9/16") accented by peach-pink teardrops and twinkling rhinestones.  This clip is 4-1/8" by 3" wide, with some loss of gilding but in very good condition otherwise.  Price SOLD.
p-e2202.  This celadon green, sculpted glass butterfly pin with matching clip earrings dates from the 1920's and, except for 2 missing rhinestones, is in excellent condition.  With a tip-to-tip wingspan of 3-3/8", the shaped glass pieces are of the style called "fruit salad".  This enchanting butterfly is 1-3/4" tall and has floral bud-like earrings (3/4" by 3/4") that match in their cool green color.  Though unsigned, this piece is so well done that it was likely a piece of bijou de couture (an accessory designed purposefully for high fashion, perhaps to go with an outfit created by Schiaparelli, Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga of the greats!).  Price SOLD.
452Dbrd.  Plastic Bird Pin.  The plastic is a soft brown color and has a very nice iridescent quality.  Surface detailing has been done by hand.  2-1/4" wingtip-to-wingtip; 1-1/2" tip to toe.  Excellent condition.  The clasp on the back is showing a little corrosion.  Price SOLD.
b-p2248.  It's not often, any more, that you come across a matching set of pin and bracelet in bakelite.  As bakelite has surfed in and out and in favor again over the years, pieces of sets have been lost, broken and misplaced...  So you might find a pin but not its matching bracelet, or you might find a bracelet and wonder (because of its design) if perchance there once was a pin or maybe earrings to match.  This set in applejuice and onyx bakelite is very deco with pin and matching bracelet.   There is some crackling of the applejuice cubes on both pieces; so, the price SOLD.
f-c2250.  Designed by Alfred Phillipe, this Trifari fur clip is a fruit salad of Rhodium plated leaves and fabulous cabochon glass moonstones accented by little ruby and glittering white rhinestones.  On the pin's back there is a curved guard post (just visible in this photo above the lowest moonstone) designed to keep the clip from jostling out.  In very good condition.  Price SOLD.
p-e2215.  Geesh, but this is a fantastic set!  The brooch is a 2-1/2" circle, in superb condition (as are the earrings)!  When you tilt it to the side, you'll fall even more in love with this pin because it is just so well, so fascinatingly well designed and constructed!  Equally superior hand crafting attention was paid to the clip earrings, and in total, this set -- created by Schreiner, is just so unique and sophisticated that it's timeless.  PriceSOLD.
445Djel.  This little guy is called a "Jelly Belly."  Circa 1940's.  Pin is 2-1/8" high, 1-1/8" from beak to back wing.  Good condition; all paint and stones are intact.  But this little fella is showing some age.  Price is:  $135.00  incl. shipping in the US.
p2212.  With wonderfully radiant rhinestones and a hammered, brushed gold surface, this 3" brooch by Miriam Haskell is a treat!  All the mountings for these hand-set stones are very secure, which is a good thing -- because these are great rhinestones, and this 1940's pin is in excellent condition.  Price SOLD.
n-b2208.  This set is a wonderful example of Czechoslovakia's superior glasswork, and was probably crafted between 1918 and 1939.  The 15" necklace will lay just right, at the hollow of your throat, and radiate ruby sparkles.  While the matching (6-7/8" by 1") bracelet will capture light as well, and attract all eyes.  This set is in excellent condition.  Price SOLD.
b-e2213.  Oh, check out the neat aurora borealis stones tucked in as accents for this cool blue design by Schiaparelli!  This 7" circle of bracelet is very comfortable on your wrist, great style and humor!  And the heavenly blue of those cabochon rhinestones is just so delicious!  With the matching 1-1/4" by 7/8" clip-on earrings, the price for this set SOLD.
b-p2244.  This 3" by 2" butterscotch oval of bakelite has been decorated with a hand painted rose, perfect for Mother's Day or celebrating the growing season and good weather.  Secured by a c-clasp bar on the back, this brooch is in very good condition.   Price is:SOLD.
p-e2211.  Ah, you just have to see this set in person and you will marvel at the incredible hand-crafting which is so typical of the great Miriam Haskell pieces of jewelry.  Note the old horseshoe-shaped Haskell mark indicating that this set dates from the 1930's.  Each of the little pearls have been hand sewn to their gold toned scalloped bases with jeweler's wire, while the brilliant little rhinestones are hand-set and secure.  The red cabochon bejeweled pin is 2" by 1-1/2" wide, while the matching earrings are 1-1/4" by 7/8" wide.  In excellent condition, this set is:SOLD.
p-e2223.  The colouring of the excellent closed-back stones in these pieces is deep and rich -- so brown and deep blue that it was difficult to catch them properly in photos.  Designed by Schreiner, these rhinestones are in superb condition.  The set is:  $295.00  including shipping in the US.
b-r2243.  Now, here's a ring that is not for the faint of heart or the fashion timid!  This is a large, very red bakelite ring from the late 1920's with a carved table, and it's in excellent condition.  Difficult to find, because over the years, the comparatively small size of rings has caused these old bakelite pieces to be lost and broken.  Price is:  $125.00  including shipping in the US.

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